Mistretta between Arabic denomination and Imperial City

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Mistretta Imperial City

The Arab domination was decisive for the Mistrettese culture both as regards the dialect and the customs, the characteristic road structure, the urban conformation around the Castle. The center of the administration was at the time the so-called "rabbica". The fortress was conquered by the Normans in 1082, building the defensive walls to protect the town, open to the east and west, respectively Porta Messina and Porta Palermo. The first news about the Mother Church date back to this period: a document from 1170 shows that the first structure of the building was donated by the Bishop of Cefal├╣ to one of its canons.

The city was awarded by Frederick II of Swabia with the title of "Imperial City". It was in this period that the current emblem of the city was born, depicting an eagle, symbol of power, and a cross symbol of redemption. The Angevin occupation was a real military domination. Impoverished and exploited by the French and subjected to strong tax levies, the city rose in 1282 against them in the revolt of the Sicilian Vespers, and for the contribution made was inserted and accepted in the Parliament of the Kingdom of Sicily with capital Palermo. With the advent of the Aragonese Mistretta could once again be self-governing and a period of particular economic prosperity began.

The town began to expand outside the walls as economic activities prospered. The period of greatest importance was however the Seven-eight hundred. A rich bourgeoisie affirmed that allowed the flourishing of a series of craft activities for the processing of iron, wood, breeding and trade. It was concerned with beautifying and expanding the city and buildings were built, a massive urban planning was put in place, churches were embellished with numerous works of art. The city regained its former importance and became the commercial and cultural reference point for all the neighboring centers.

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