Alcara li Fusi

Alcara li Fusi in the Nebrodi

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Alcara li Fusi the Rocche del Crasto


Alcara li Fusi is a small town of ancient origins, at the foot of the rocky walls of the Rocche del Crasto, flanked by great birds of prey (griffins and especially the golden eagle).

Its name derives from "fusi", instruments that were once used to spin wool and linen. Alcara boasts, in fact, a remarkable tradition in the processing of fabrics; famous are the "pezzare", colorful rugs that are still produced with the old looms.

Rich in history, the village offers a remarkable artistic and cultural heritage: monuments, churches, museums, panoramas.
Highly anticipated events, not only from the inhabitants of the center but from the whole area, is the "festa del muzzuni" which is celebrated every year on June 24, summer solstice, and the feast of San Nicolò Politi (from 1 to 3 May and from 15 to 18 August). 

The small town is located in the middle of the Nebrodi Park. From here you can start many excursions. I suggest you also visit the small visitor center of the park, where it is possible to admire the naturalistic dioramas.

To fans of birds of prey, I recommend visiting the griffin's aviary. Alcara the fusi is also famous for its golden eagle. Every year a couple of golden eagles nest on the mountain south of Alcara li Fusi.

You can reach Alcara li Fusi only by car, via the provincial road that connects it with Sant'Agata di Militello.