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The sea of the Nebrodi in February

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The sea of the Nebrodi in February

If you come on holiday in the Nebrodi, February is not the best time to go to the beach. Today as you can see from the picture of the sea, there is so much cold, a temperature of + 9 °. For us it is the lowest temperatures along the coast. The average temperature of the period is about +17 °.

In the mountains today it is possible to find snow. This phenomenon is also typical of this winter month. However, it is a good reason to come to the nebrodi. As you can see from the other sunny images related to February, today is simply an exception. Surely next week there will be a good day again.

Look now at the winter sea on the Tyrrhenian coast. if you look closely at the photos you can also see the Aeolian islands along the horizon.